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Why choose us?

Corporate Philosophy and Enterprise Purpose

Corporate Philosophy:





Enterprise Purpose:                      

    Better Technology

       Better Alloy

        Better World

Scientific Research Cooperation


Alloy Powder

Performance Feature:

1.Produced by gas atomization process;

2.Low oxygen contentNormally less than 400ppm);

3.Chemical uniformity, Good consistency;

4.Good sphericity, Few satellite ball, Good flowability

5.Particle size is controlled accurately, Complete Types

6.Delivered on time, Good service. Nickel Based Alloy Powder

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Powder Feature:

● Good self-melting, Clear “Mirror Surface”, Smooth Clad Layer

● High Deposition Rate, Tiny Soot

● High Sphericity, Uninterrupted Powder Feeding

● Wide Solid-Liquid Phase,Good Manufacturability, Strong Operability

●Strong Slaggability, Welding Layer has no defect of slag and pore, Performance of Cladding Layer is better than the similar Product.

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Nickel Based Powder Application Process

Oxy Acetylene Flame Spray Welding; 

OXY Spray, Induction Remelting; 

PTA Overlaying

Laser Cladding

High Velocity Oxygen

Fuel (HVOF)Spraying;

Vacuum Brazing;

Vacuum Sintering;

Centrifugal Casting;

Hot Isostatic PressingHIP;

PTA Spraying.

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Cobalt Based Powder Main Alloy Type

Co-Cr-W Alloy Powder-Co01 Series, Co06Series, Co12 Series, CoX-40, CoF, Co20, Co21, Co190(Equivalent to Stellite1, Stellite6, Stellite12, StelliteX-40, Stellite2, Stellite21, Stellite190)

Co-Cr-Mo Alloy Powder-Co706, Co712, Co720 (Equivalent to Stellite706, Stellite712, Stellite720)

Laves Phase Enhanced Alloy Powder-Co400, Co401, Co800 ( Equivalent to Triballoy400, Triballoy401, Triballoy800)

Self Fluxing Cobalt Based Powder-CoSF6, CoSF12, CoSF20, CoSFT400, CoWC35 ( Equivalent to StelliteSF6,StelliteSF12, StelliteSF20, StelliteSF400, SFW


Cobalt Based Powder Application Process PTA OverlayingLaser CladdingHigh Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) SprayingPowder Metallurgy(PM)

12.jpg          13(002).jpg

Oxy Acetylene (OXY) Spraying; Metal Injection Molding(MIM); Hot Isostatic Pressing(HIP); Centrifugal Casting.


Fe Based Powder

Main Alloy Type: Stainless Steel Series; High Chromium Cast Iron Series; Laser Cladding Dedicated Series; Centrifugal Casting Dedicated Series.


Fe Based Powder 

Application Process Laser Cladding; Metal Injection Molding(MIM); Hot Isostatic PressingHIPPTA OverlayingHVOFCentrifugal Casting.


Fe Based Powder 

Specialized for Laser Cladding


1.Cladding layer with HRc20-60 is flawless;

2.Variety complete, Wide technological adaptability;

3.Market share in China is more than 90%.


Fe Based Powder 

Specialized for Centrifugal Casting

Performance Feature:

1.Produce by only gas atomized production line in China;

2.Low oxygen content, Excellent casting performance;

3.Casting layer has no defect of air hole, pitting and crack, etc, compact structure, small grain size,

ware resistance and corrosion resistance compared with similar products’ in China has improved more than 30%;

4.Market share in China is more than 90%.


Cobalt Based Electrode

Main Alloy Type:

Cobalt Based Alloy:Co-Cr-W Alloy;

Diameter:Φ 3.2mm, Φ 4.0mm, Φ 4.8mm

Performance Feature:

Composition uniformity, segregation-free, low impurity content; Good liquid flowability, low porosity ;Coating has no core shift, stable electric arc, minimal spatter, good manufacturability.

Tungsten Carbide Tube Rod

Tungsten Carbide Padding Ratio: 60%(FeWC60), 70%(FeWC70)

Main Types: Φ4.0*700mm 、Φ4.8*700mm

Performance feature: Good liquid flowability; Casting layer has few air hole; Tungsten carbide is uniformly distributed in casting layer.


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