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Tungsten Carbide Powder Chemical Properties And Usage
Sep 03, 2017

Tungsten Carbide powder is a deep gray powder, can dissolve in a variety of carbides, especially in the titanium carbide solubility is very large, forming TIC-WC solid melt. Another compound of tungsten and carbon is tungsten carbide, with a chemical formula of w2c, a melting point of 2,860 ℃, a boiling point of 6,000 ℃, and a relative density of 17.15. Its nature, method, use with tungsten carbide powder.

Tungsten Carbide powder is mainly used in the production of cemented carbide. In the tungsten carbide powder, the carbon atom is embedded in the gap of the tungsten metal crystal lattice, does not destroy the original metal crystal lattice, forms the interstitial solid solution, therefore also called the gap (or inserts) the compound.

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