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Effect Of Various Elements In The Self-fluxing Powder In Alloy
Sep 03, 2017

The effect of boron and silicon elements: reducing the melting point of alloy, extending the temperature zone of solid-liquid phase line, forming low melt eutectic crystals, deoxidation recovery effect and slag-making function, hardening and strengthening effect of the coating, improving operation process function

Effect of copper elements: progress on the corrosion resistance of non-oxidizing acids

The effect of chromium elements: solid solution strengthening effect, passivation effect, progressive corrosion-resistant function and high temperature oxidation resistance; abundant chromium easily with carbon, boron composition chromium carbide, boron chromium hard phase then progressive alloy hardness and wear resistance

The effect of molybdenum element: The atomic radius is large, the crystal lattice attack is distorted after solid solution, and the alloy matrix is strengthened obviously, the high-temperature strength and red rigidity of the matrix are improved, and the net structure in the coating can be cut down and reduced.

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