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Mineral distribution of Nickel
Nov 21, 2017

Mineral distribution of Nickel

The world's lateritic nickel deposits are located in tropical countries within 30 degrees north and south of the equator, concentrated in the tropical-subtropical Pacific Rim, including Cuba in the Americas, Brazil, Indonesia in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Oceania in Australia, New Caledonia Doha, Papua New Guinea and others. The distribution of nickel ore in China is mainly seen in northwestern, southwestern and northeastern China. The reserves of its nickel reserves account for 76.8%, 12.1% and 4.9% of the national total respectively. In terms of provinces (regions), Gansu has the largest reserves of 62% of the total nickel reserves in the country, followed by Xinjiang (11.6%), Yunnan (8.9%), Jilin (4.4%), Hubei (3.4%) and Sichuan 3.3%). Among them, the copper-nickel symbiotic deposit in Jinchang, Gansu, has a huge reserves of nickel resources, second only to the Sudbury nickel mine in Canada, ranking the second in the world and the first in Asia.

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