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Brief Introduction of High Pressure Water Atomization Milling Technology
Dec 07, 2017

Brief Introduction of High Pressure Water Atomization Milling Technology

Metal powder is the basic raw material for the powder metallurgy industry. It is widely used in many fields such as machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics, automobile, aerospace and so on. Powder properties directly affect the final quality of the products. With economic development, the demand of all walks of life for metal powder is more and more large, and the demand for water atomizing and milling technology and process equipment becomes more and more important. Aiming at the existing problems in the use of domestic milling equipment, our company absorbs the technology of similar products in foreign countries and formulates the complete set of equipment for atomizing milling to meet the national conditions of our country to solve the key technical problems of atomizing milling

   Water atomizing milling method Preparation of metal powder process: first metal or alloy melted in the induction furnace, refining, molten metal into the thermal insulation crucible, metal flow down the flow of the catheter, the ultra-high pressure water flow through the nozzle will be The metal liquid is broken into a large number of small metal droplets. The small droplets form sub-spherical or irregular particles during the flight under the action of surface tension and rapid cooling of water. The atomized metal particles are atomized in the atomization tower Solidification, settlement, and finally fall into the powder collection tank collection, separation. Moreover, by adjusting the different parameters in the milling process, it is possible to obtain metal powders of various particle size distributions and topographies so as to better meet the demands of the mechanical manufacturing, automobile industry, aerospace and metal injection molding, friction materials, oil- Structural parts, diamond tools and many other areas of powder metallurgy needs.

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