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Special Purpose Ni-Based Alloy Powder for Plasma Spray Welding
Oct 25, 2017

Basic Info

  • Material: FeNi

  • PCD: 115mm

  • Hole: 5

  • Trademark: igood

  • Specification: 205*200*260mm

  • HS Code: 81130010

  • Product Type: Powder

  • Carbon Content: Low Carbon

  • ET: 15mm

  • Production: Customized

  • Transport Package: Stainless Steel Tank

  • Origin: China

Product Description

igood Alloy ceramic powder 


In the plasma beam cladding technology, plasma power, cladding process, and alloy powder is three important factors decisive of final quality, in which, it is essential for the components and ratio of powder, the cost performance of which is limited factor of promoting plasma cladding technology. Therefore, it has been our tackling key problem to find a kind of "broad-spectrum" alloy ceramic powder applicable for many kinds of base materials. Through our continuous research and repeated test, we have developed the alloy powder with good hardness and toughness, and which can also be widely used in plain carbon steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel etc. simultaneously we have developed the super hard powder for some special purposes, high temperature resistant powder, strong shock resistant powder for crusher hammer. Every kind of powder products are carefully studied, repeated analysis experimented, striving for science, refined and validity.

1,Using for repairing&strengthening of  drill pipe, the broken roller, roller compaction roller;
2,Using for  repairing&strengthening of valve sealing surface, hot roll,etc.
3,Using for  repairing&strengthening of  cut tooth end, all kinds of middle trough.
4,Using for  repairing&strengthening of  various  middle trough, the head and tail of  scraper blade,etc.
5,Using for  repairing&strengthening of  various  middle trough, the head and tail of  scraper blade,etc.


Type SpecificationAlloy systemRigidity Application
GF-150~200μmA stainless steel+35-40HRCUsing for  repairing&strengthening of valve sealing surface, hot roll,etc.
GF-250~200μmCr-Mn-Si-Mo+50-55HRCUsing for  repairing&strengthening of  drill pipe, the broken roller, roller compaction roller
GF-350~200μmCr-B-Si-Ni+59-66HRCUsing for  repairing&strengthening of  cut tooth end, all kinds of middle trough.
GF-550~200μmCr-B-Si-RE+58-65HRCUsing for  repairing&strengthening of  various  middle trough, the head and tail of  scraper blade,etc.
GF-650~200μmCr-B-Si-Mo-Ni-RE+60-68HRCUsing for  repairing&strengthening of  various  middle trough, the head and tail of  scraper blade,etc.

Our Service:
We can customize by your requirment!This powder is our exclusive blend and we can adjust its proportion of ingredients by your requirement!     

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