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Brief history of discovery of Nickel
Nov 21, 2017

Brief history of discovery of Nickel

Meteorites contain iron and nickel, which were used as good iron in the early days. Because this metal does not rust, it is considered native to Peru as silver. An alloy containing zinc and nickel called copper white copper was used in China 200 BC. Some even extend to Europe.

In 1751, Alex Fredrik Cronstedt, working in Stockholm (capital city of Sweden), studied a new metal, known as red arsenic nickel (NiAs), which comes from Los Hazard in Sweden. He thought it contained copper, but what he extracted was a new metal, which he announced and named nickel (nickel) in 1754. Many chemists think of it as an alloy of cobalt, arsenic, iron and copper - these elements appear as tiny amounts of contaminants. Pure nickel was not taken until 1775 by Torbern Bergman, which confirmed it as an element.

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